Winter Camp Descriptions

Tuesday, December 26:

AM Camp – Cookies N’ Milk

Take a New Look at SANTA’s favorite treat. Explore games and activities inspired by the yummy holiday favorites. Take those Yummy Cookies and create a sky scraper that you are sure SANTA will not miss as he flies by. Add a little Holiday Magic to his favorite drink to help the elves with a few last minute toys and pictures.

PM Camp — Soap is Not Just for Bath Time ANYMORE!!!

Surround Yourself in the World of Soap Suds and Bubbles, NO wash cloth NEEDED !! Can you save your Rubber Duckie from and Oil Spill? Are you able to make a Bubble BUG or BUG- apillar? How about a human bubble?

Wednesday, December 27:

AM Camp – Grinch-Mas

From the Gooey and the Slimy to the Messy and Disgusting, join in the Grinch-mas Celebration of Food, Fun and Rotten. Try your hand at Carving the Grinch out of a Green Apple (just because he’s a little tart) and watch how he rots. Search through the disgusting to find that gooey, slimy mixture that is simply Grinch-ERIFIC.

PM Camp – Snowballs to Hot Chocolate

Join in a frosty experience where gloves are required. Try your hand at Eskimo engineering and sub-zero science. When the chill gets to be too much create the perfect cup of chocolatey warmth.

Thursday, December28:

AM Camp – Uh OH ….. SANTA

Join an Elite group of ELVES to help SANTA with all his travelling Whoo’s…. Don’t Look but SANTA is stuck in a chimney. How does he fit all those holiday presents in that stocking? Oh NO… Don’t Over shoot that Sleigh’s landing!

PM Camp – Ornamental Science

Ornamental Science is truly Elementary from Geo-Boards to Atoms and Astronomy to Thermodynamics. Join in the Holiday Spirit as you create these STEAM inspired creations that will brighten your Holiday tree or Window Pane.

Friday, December 29: