Maker Space Classes for Grades 3 – 8

Growing with STEM – by Design!

Our Maker Space classes build the critical thinking and creativity of kids in grades 3 – 8. Join a six-week series of 90-minute classes led by our professional educator. Students will love the interactive lessons that allow them to use tools and technology they can’t do in school.

Each class is $15 per student. Sign up for all six and receive one free! Space is limited to 12 students. All students are welcome to stay and play in our exhibit hall with a parent for free after class!



Thursday @ 4pm

January 21st – February 25th

Tinkercad Design Workshop: In this six-week series, students will learn 3D Printing and beginner CAD design and how those skills can be applied in the real world. Each week students will be presented with a design prompt and will work collaboratively to make unique prototypes. Projects include personalized keychains, spaceships, game pieces, action figures, and more. Lessons are aligned with 21st Century Skills and students will take home each item they make.

Fridays @ 2pm

January 22nd – February 26th

Wind Power: In this six-week series, students will engineer contraptions that harness the power of wind to perform a specific task. Projects include electricity generation, boats, cars, and windmills that can lift objects. Students will learn about the history of wind power generation, will develop a deeper understanding of how energy moves and is transferred between objects, and explore Faraday’s Law, how kinetic energy can be transformed into electrical energy.

Masks are required in our facility. All COVID-19 safety policies apply.

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