PASTE – Pre-kindergarteners Active in Science, Technology Exploration

P.A.S.T.E.  Pre-Kindergarteners Active in Science, Technology Exploration allows kids ages 4 to 6 to engage in the physical science.

This program invites parents and kids for a one-off, facilitated, hands-on workshop centered around basic principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. (STEM) Themes will include explorations of Sunshine Science, Sight Science, Number Science and Number Science. Lessons within these topics will include ovens, growth, water pressure, math and more.

This workshop series will be held every other Tuesday, beginning on September 19th and running through December 12th from 9:30-10:30am.   A Spring series will follow.

Our PASTE Program is currently full – to be put on our waiting list, click here.

Topics include:

September 19:

Sunshine Science “The Hidden Oven”- Take a tour of some of the secrets of sunshine science… Explore shadows as you create STEAM art on light Sensitive Development paper. Experience the warmth that the sun provides as you and your Pre-kindergartener create a solar oven that will satisfy your taste buds with warm gooey treats all while learning how to create a controlled experiment.

October 3:

Sunshine Science “The Secret to Growth”- Take a deeper look at plant growth…   Explore seeds to determine what they need to grow through the scientific process. Experience a new view of Mr. Potato Head while learning some basic anatomy. Teach your Mr. Potato Head to grow a full head of Green Hair by providing him all the necessities of plant growth.

October 17:

Sight Science “Seeing and classifying Creatures with a New Set of Eyes” – Take a tour of the animal kingdom around the world and determine if they are Aquatic (water loving) or Terrestrial (land loving)…. Explore each creature with a magnifying glass.  Experience the underwater world of the living with underwater eyes.   Ask yourself… Does it belong on land? Or water?

October 31:

Sight Science “The World of Hide and Seek” – Come dressed like your favorite animal… or explorer.. Experience nature’s big game of Hide and Seek… Do you think you are good at HIDING?   How about FINDING?   Come explore some of nature’s best camouflage… Bug and Spiders are some of the best at hiding from the world; create your own Bug and Spider to take home to share.

November 14:

Water Science “Rainbow Gravity Falls”– Try your hand at a rainbow waterfall with a hidden friend called Gravity… Magically move water from one container to another without pouring all while exploring the color spectrum and the 3 primary colors. We might get a little wet but it’s all about gravity and siphons.

November 28:

Water Science “Water Pressure and Hydraulics”- Feel the force of simple water it is all around us and very important to life. Take a tour of hydraulics and pistons… Even make a hydraulic balloon lift while exploring water pressure systems.

December 12:

Number Science “Just a little Math Crazy”- Start with simple colors and turn it into amazing math… Explore counting and data; turn it into a Colorful Picto-graph of edible enjoyment… Experience data and charts; turn it into a Sweet and Sour Bar Graph. Enjoy a rainbow of colors to encounter addition and subtraction…

Special thanks to:

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