Light & Vision

Light, and the way humans perceive it, have a lot of fascinating science behind them. At the Science Factory, you can interact with light in whole new ways.

  • Check out amazing optical illusions and pictures that make your brain say, “Yowza!” or some similar expression of surprise.
  • Look at things normally so small as to be hidden from your eyes. It could be your skin, a sponge, or even your eye (but thinking about looking at your own eye, that’ll keep you up at night.)
  • Or head into the dusky gray of the Lights and Lenses room, if you dare!!! BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH. All right, you probably dare.

Light & Vision Exhibits:

The following are exhibits about Light & Vision currently on display in the Museum:

A Benham's Disk

A Benham’s Disk.

  • Benham’s Disk
  • Color Changeup
  • Color Filter (Chameleon)
  • Color Illusion Disks
  • Colored Shadows
  • Duck-Under Kaleidoscope
  • Lens, Mirrors & Filters
  • Scope on a Rope