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Homeschool Registration for the Fall of 2017. Dates, times and topics are subject to change. Please contact Rachel Cahill at (717) 509-6363 X105 with any questions.
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  • September 21:
    Students will explore the strength found in shapes. Structural strength is not just based on the materials an object is constructed of. Students will explore the amazing structural strength of the fragile egg. Students will try to break an egg… It’s not as simple as you think when you follow my directions. Then students will have the opportunity to walk on a sidewalk of eggs and lay down on a bed of eggs… Hopefully not become scrambled in the process. Students will then be given a simple piece of paper and challenged to see how much weight their piece of paper will hold by simply folding it.
  • October 5:
    Students will take their knowledge of strength of shape not just material to complete two different BRIDGE challenges. The first challenge is to create a truss bridge from tooth picks and gum drops. The challenge is to span a set distance and hold the maximum amount of weight. The second challenge is create suspension or cable stay bridge from common household materials to span a distance and hold a set amount of weight without displaying structural deflection. To help with the understanding students will participate in the building and supporting of a kid friendly Stable stay bridge they can actually walk on.
  • October 19:
    Students will explore the hidden world of Sound. Sound is difficult to see but with a little scientific help, pitch and frequency become crystal clear. Students will create sound waves that they can both hear and see with Salt Drums. Then we will dive deeper into pitch and frequency with a water bottle challenge and a homemade guitar box as students start learning how music is truly understanding SCIENCE.
  • November 2:
    Students will take their understanding of Sound and relate it to every day uses. Sonar and Ultrasound are very simple concepts used by many STEM professionals and animal. Students will participate in a simple demonstration of Sound reflection to see how these professional and animals use it to help them identify things they cannot see with their eyes. Students will then explore meteorology and storm science to use their new found knowledge to determine where a storm is based on the thunder they hear. Lastly they will explore the fast paced world of communication and telephone. Students will explore different sound mediums to determine what causes communication between telephones to be clear or faded.
  • November 16:
    Students will explore the Scientific Method while completing the “Strength of Different Brands of Paper Towels.” As the students tour through proper scientific experimental process they will briefly research background knowledge, create a hypothesis, write an experimental procedure, identify dependent and independent variable, test their experiment using multiple trials, record their data, analyze their data including graphing, identify their results and lastly create a conclusion where the hypothesis is re-evaluated.
  • November 30:
    Students will explore data and learn different ways to use data to explain a scientific investigation. Students will learn the ins and outs of the bar graph, line graph and xy scatter plot but they will have to gather their data first.
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