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Homeschool Registration for Spring 2018. Dates, times and topics are subject to change. Please contact Rachel Cahill at (717) 509-6363 X105 with any questions.
  • Parents will be contacted first
  • Your child will NOT be released to anyone NOT on the list you provide.
  • Class dates and times are subject to change. Please call 717.509.6363 to confirm class schedules and with any questions you have about homeschool programming.
  • March 1:
    Re-Use and Re-Purpose *The 9:30-11am session has been cancelled*
  • March 15:
    Food for Thought… From Farm to Table Featuring Cultivation *The 9:30-11am session has been canceled*
  • March 29:
    Food For Thought… From Farm to Table Featuring Animal Production
  • April 12:
    Mass of Measurements… Tools of the Laboratory
  • April 26:
    Wind to Water… Natural Energy to Mechanical Means
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