Hall of Heroes

Every child needs a hero, and Lancaster Science Factory has just the heroes for them – scientists, engineers and mathematicians who have changed society.

Lancaster Science Factory dedicates its Hall of Heroes in the hopes of inspiring and motivating children in Lancaster County.

“Every kid needs a hero to look up to, whose footsteps they can follow, who dreamed a big dream (and accomplished it) so they can say , ‘I can dream a big dream, too,'” said James W. Bunting, founder of Lancaster Science Factory.

Donors to the Lancaster Science Factory may choose the scientists, engineers and mathematicians who they wish to have inducted into the Hall of Heroes.

“(Past donors)…picked people who exemplified values and connections to the mission (of the Science Factory),” said Andrea Kihlstedt, development consultant.

Jeff Lehman, president of Shank’s Extracts, which is one of the Science Factory’s donors, said that his hero, chemistry teacher Robert M. Keath, motivated him to want to learn after 11 ½ years of slacking off at school.

“He said all you slackers can learn chemistry from now on. I took it to heart. I got the first ‘A’ in my life, and became a chemistry major,” Lehman said. “He inspired me to learn.”

John Bergey, whose research at the former Hamilton Watch Co. produced the world’s first electronic digital watch, the Pulsar, was another scientist inducted into the Michael Nast Hall of Heroes.

“I’m quite honored and surprised,” Bergey said. “It’s a great idea (to have a Hall of Heroes). It’s prime time to start teaching young children about science and technology.”

Bergey said the Pulsar was born out of the failure of the electric watch.

“The Pulsar was the result of looking for a solution for a problem we couldn’t solve,” he said.

Jeffrey A. Way, a Hempfield High School science teacher, was posthumously inducted. Visitors to the Lancaster Science Factory often comment on Way’s plaque. He had a big impact on many lives.

Seventeen other influential figures, including Benjamin Franklin and Sir Isaac Newton, also are represented.

For more information on the Hall of Heroes, please contact Bob Herbert, Director of Operations at (717) 509-6363.