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Girl Scout Programs

Girl Scout HQ

Girl_ScoutsScientific Achievement Badge and the second level Science Expert Pin for all levels.

The Lancaster Science Factory has partnered with the Girl Scouts to offer a program which generates interest in the sciences and helps young girls understand their own abilities and potential. The Program offers:

  • A Scientific Achievement Badge
  • A second level Science Expert Pin
  • Brownie Home Scientist and Inventors Badges
  • Complimentary Group Admission
  • Complimentary Individual Admission

All group scout admissions require advance registration by a Scout Leader.  Click here to download the Girl Scout Program Guide and Reservation Form .

Click here to register your scout(s) for an upcoming Brownie Home Scientist or Inventor Badge Workshop. 


Science Expert Pin

iiiiLancaster Science Factory offers “Science Expert” pin, a turnkey program for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes.

If your troop has already completed the Scientific Achievement Badge, then they can reach the next level and become a “Science Expert!”

Like the badge program, as the Scout completes each activity, the leader “signs-off” on the pin activity in the book. Upon completion of the requirements, the Scout has earned their Science Expert pin and it’s presented at the Science Factory or at a special ceremony.

There is a $3 Fee for the purchase of the pin.

Science Achievement Badge


Example of the new Cadette Scientific Achievement Badge. We have them for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors too!

Scientific Achievement Badge. (Cadette pictured right)

This is a turnkey activity where patrols of Daisies, Brownies, Juniors or Cadettes, can earn a specialty Science Achievement Badge developed by the Science Factory. Each Scout receives a Science Badge workbook which includes various activities depending on the level of the Scout. As the child completes each activity, the Scout leader “signs-off” the activity in the book and they earn their Science Badge when all the requirements are completed. The Badge is presented at the Science Factory or at a special ceremony.

There is a $3 Fee for the purchase of the badge.

Brownie Home Scientist and Inventor Badges and Instructional Programs


A staff member will lead a group of Brownie scouts in activities so that they can fully complete the requirements to earn the Home Scientist and Inventor badges on pre-scheduled dates.

Troops must pre-register and the program is limited to 20 girls per session. The cost is $7 per scout which includes instruction and materials. 

It will take a group of 20 scouts one and a half to two hours to complete the activities in our classroom space. For Home Scientist, the scouts will experiment with emulsions, static electricity, density, a chemical reaction, and homemade ‘silly putty’.

For the Inventor Badge, the scouts will brainstorm (about multiple uses, creative problem solving, and needs) before designing and constructing a model of an invention that satisfies a need they have identified.

Click here to register your scout(s) for an upcoming workshop!

Complimentary Group Admission

Complimentary group admission to Girl Scout Troops and patrols visiting the Science Factory as a pre-registered group, not as part of a badge program but as general admission to the Science Factory, enabling the girls to explore all the exhibits in the Mueller Hall of Science. Activity guides will be provided to Scout leaders. Scout leaders are admitted at no charge. Siblings, parents, and troop guests are admitted under our current group rate.

Complimentary Individual Admission

Complimentary admission to individual Girl Scouts, regardless of rank, when they wear their vest or with proof of membership in the Scouts. This will enable the girls to explore the Science Factory with their families. Family members receive our group rate when admitted with a scout.

Stay Overnight!

Scout groups with at least 30 guests can choose to extend their visit to the Science Factory overnight. Please visit the Overnight page for details and cost of overnight programming!