Girls Code Club Head Coach

Job Description:

Help girls succeed in Computer Science as a Head Coach for our Girls Code Club at The Lancaster Science Factory!

Program Overview: The Girls Code Club at the Lancaster Science Factory will welcome three cohorts of ~25 girls, age 8 – 13, three times a month for a 1.5 hour meet-up. We are currently recruiting a Head Coach to run Cohorts 2 & 3 which meet on the first Friday of each month.

Cohort 2 will participate in four workshops that will be offered from 4:00 – 5:30 pm on the first Friday of the month from March through June 2018.

Cohort 3 will participate in four workshops that will be offered from 6:00 – 7:30 pm on the first Friday of the month from March through June 2018.

Confirmed meet-up Fridays: March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1.
No make-up dates have yet been identified, but may be scheduled in case of inclement weather.

Each meet-up will introduce different concepts and coding applications. After 10-15 minutes of introductory instruction, girls will enjoy an hour of creative exploration and idea sharing at their own pace. For example, concepts such as conditional logic or loops may be introduced through a variety of games and apps. Then, open-ended coding challenges will be introduced to give girls the opportunity to see how they can develop their work within a particular platform. Once these foundational concepts and familiarity with different apps have been introduced, the girls will take on projects such as building their own website or video game, with their own interests dictating direction and creative outcomes.
Job Description:
Plan and deliver 4 monthly meet-up sessions with up to 25 girls per cohort. Provide 10-15 minutes of instruction and orientation at beginning of each session.

Work closely with Assistant Coach and Volunteers to ensure that material is presented effectively, and as a team provide a constant enriching and supportive presence in the classroom.

Circulate, answer questions, encourage collaboration, and troubleshoot.

Facilitate sharing session in the last 15 minutes of each meet-up, during which each girl shares what she made.

Foster an environment of active co-learning with intentional opportunities for socialization, collaboration, and expressing pride in completed projects.

Encourage a clubhouse culture that places high value on asking questions and allowing other girls to answer them, in order to develop the communication skills, confidence and leadership of all participants. Meet and build upon whatever skill level the girls enter at.

Prepare classroom for each session (computers, tables, chairs) and reset at the end of the program. Provide periodic reporting and assessments. Provide tech support as needed.

Experience Required:
•Broad familiarity with computer programming and its applications
•Teaching experience with students age 8-13
•Positive attitude and flexible approach toward a hybrid formal/informal learning environment
•A strong desire to mentor girls in a field in which they are under-represented

Additional Requirements: Must complete PA criminal and child abuse clearances, FBI and mandatory reporting requirements.

Payment and Time Commitment for Monthly Meet-ups:
Monthly Honoriarium of $75 per session for 4 months of each cohort. Honoriarium will be paid based upon presence at meet-ups.

Time Required: 1.5 Hours of Classroom Instruction per session, plus Set-up and Tear-down, Preparation, Reporting.
The Assistant Code Coach will support the Head Code Coach during the 4 month workshop series. In the event that the Head Code Coach cannot attend a meet-up or camp due to sickness or emergency, the Assistant Coach/Instructor will act in their place.
Additional Information:
The head and assistant coach roles were created to highlight the leadership and expertise of these facilitators. In addition to two paid coach roles, two to three volunteers will be recruited to facilitate the program at a 5:1 or better student teacher ratio.

These volunteers will be essential facilitators of the program, on hand to answer questions, co-learn, and be role models to participating girls. All coaches and volunteers will have the opportunity to share their own reflections and experiences in computer science and STEM fields, as well as career/life-long learning guidance.

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