Electricity & Magnetism

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Electricity at the Lancaster Science Factory.

Why do we group electricity and magnetism together? Because they actually are together. Electricity and magnetism are like Abraham Lincoln’s left ankle and his left foot. Meaning they’re connected, not that either one is a joint or has bones or is remotely presidential.

You can explore these two related phenomena and even use one to create the other at the Science Factory.

  • Maybe you can’t “see” a magnetic field, but you can see the shape of it. Sounds impossible. Check out the Magnetic Field Visualization exhibit.
  • Draw on the power of electricity to run motors and lights. Combine them in a different way and see if you need more power or less.
  • Or even make your own electricity. That’s right, do you have the muscle power to listen to music? To stir your food? To light the night sky?

We use electricity everyday. We use magnets everyday. Isn’t it time we paid them a bit more attention?

Electricity & Magnetism Exhibits

The following are exhibits about Electricity & Magnetism currently on display in the Museum:

  • Crank Power
  • Conductors and Insulator
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Light It Up
  • Magnetic Field Visualization
  • Magnetic Sculpture