Cub Scouts

1455853_834872353289160_4474374763662394820_nCub Scout Free Visits

1. For whom is this program available? This program is available for any age Cub Scout, Tiger through Webelos.

2. What is the program? If the Scouts just want to come for a Group Visit without earning the Commemorative Patch, they can come for free. There’s no special programming.
3. What is the cost? Free for the scout, free for all leaders. Additional parents and siblings are admitted at our group rate.
4. How long does it take? Most groups spend about two hours at the Factory.
5. When is the program available? During any of our regular business hours.


The Patch

Cub Scout Commemorative Science Patch

1. For whom is this program available? This program is available for any age Cub Scout, Tiger through Webelos.
2. What is the program? Essentially, the Scouts come on a visit. When they arrive, each scout is giving a workbook. Then they go enjoy the exhibits. But the workbook directs them to do certain activities with certain exhibits and answer a few questions. When they do, Akela asks questions about the activity and initials that requirement. When all of the requirements are met, the Scout turns the workbook back in at the front desk and receives a patch.
3. What does the patch look like? The patch is pictured above.
4. When is the program available? Any of our regular business hours.
5. How long does it take to complete? Most groups can complete it within two hours, and that still gives them plenty of time to enjoy all of our exhibits.
6. How much does it cost? The cost is $3/scout. This covers admission, the workbook, and the patch. The leaders are free. Any additional chaperones or siblings are admitted at our group rate.

Webelos Engineer Adventure Workshop

The Engineering Adventure Workshop has a set of requirements that come from Boy Scouts of America. It’s a hefty one to earn and it takes about 4 hours of work. The second Saturday of every month, we offer Webelos a chance to earn the Engineering Adventure Pin. Second Saturday Scout Nights run from 2-6pm. Registration is limited and space does fill up quickly, so please make sure to contact us in advance to make a reservation. We are currently accepting reservations for workshops for Winter 2017.

During their time here, the scouts are engaged in several different hands-on activities as they complete the requirements for the pin. The scouts receive their pins and the Den Leader also receives the Webelos Activity Badge Cards. It is up to the Den Leader or Pack Leader to fill out the Advancement Report for the scouts.

The cost is $10.00/Webelos Scout. This price includes all the materials needed and the cost of the pins.

Turn Your Visit Into An Overnight!!!!

Many scout groups choose to extend their visit into an overnight. To sleep over at the Science Factory, groups must have at least 30 people. The Cost is $35 per person. This will cover the costs of program supplies and dinner, snack, and breakfast.

Many thanks to the Arnold Family Foundation for generously sponsoring Cub Scout Programming at the Lancaster Science Factory. 

For more information or to request a group reservation form, please contact Audrey Lilley at or 717-509-6363 x104