Charitable Donation Requests

Thank you for inquiring about a donation from the Lancaster Science Factory.

Lancaster Science Factory is a non-profit organization which supports other non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania by providing charitable contributions in the form of complimentary admission tickets. Each eligible organization may receive a maximum of 4 complimentary admission tickets to the Lancaster Science Factory. Applications are considered once per organization per calendar year.

Criteria for Consideration:

  • Organization must be a Federally licensed 501c (3) non-profit, charitable agency
  • Organization’s mission should align with the mission of the Museum
  • Organization must be located in central Pennsylvania as indicated on the organization’s email signature
  • Requests must be submitted online by email and include a completed Donation Request Form
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event and no more than six months prior to the event date
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered


Requests must include:

  • Specific type of fundraiser for which the tickets will be used (i.e. bingo, walk)
  • The actual date of the fundraiser
  • The organization’s Tax ID (EIN) number (Schools must also provide their NCES school code/ID)


The Lancaster Science Factory Donation Request Review and Decision-Making Process:

  • Applicants requesting donations must complete a Lancaster Science Factory Donation Application Form.
  • Upon submission the Donations Coordinator will screen all donation request applications for eligibility.
  • Donation requests will be given preferred consideration if/when:
    • The organization operates locally.
    • The request benefits Lancaster and/or surrounding counties, such as promoting education in Lancaster County School.
    • When the request supports the mission of the Lancaster Science Factory and/or directly impacts children.

Important Notes:

  • The Lancaster Science Factory reserves the right to change or modify our Charitable Donation Program at any time.
  • The Lancaster Science Factory reserves the right to make the final donation decision regarding all applications.
  • Donation packages equal 4 complimentary admission tickets to the Lancaster Science Factory.
  • Donation packages are a $34 retail value.
  • The Lancaster Science Factory prohibits all online sales of donated tickets, with the exception of online fund raising auctions, hosted by the charity’s own website.
  • Consideration of donation requests will be based on our annual funding availability for current year projects.
  • Any organization that has already received a donation within the past 12 months will not be considered.
  • Museum policies prohibit the consideration of multi-year requests.

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