2013 Cold Storage Winter Camp!

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The 5th annual Cold Storage Winter Camp takes place December 26, 27, 30 & 31, 2013. Send your kids to the coolest camp in the coldest time! They'll enjoy hands on activities, fun demonstrations, and be submerged in the chill and thrill, of science!

Each half-day session costs $25 per child. Reserve both sections on the same day for $45. Or book all 8 sessions for $160. The more you book, the more you save!!!!!! Members also receive an extra 10% off. Children that are attending both morning and afternoon camps are welcome to stay for Lunch Bunch, in which they can eat their own packed lunch, and then enjoy time on the exhibit floors before the afternoon camp begins.

Thursday, December 26th
K'NEX Explosion (9:00am-12:00pm) ages 6-12
Just a bit of tinkering fun with structures and moving parts using our collection of K'NEX along with other supplies! We'll construct and test bridges, towers, cars, and simple moving gadgets.

Crash Test (1:00pm-4:00pm) ages 6-12
Our job is simple: to make a moving vehicle that can safely transport an egg! We'll crash test cars racing on different obstacle courses as well as projectiles launched into the air.

Friday, December 27th
CHEMystery (9:00am-12:00pm) ages 7-12
Make liquids, bubble, fizz and change color! Campers will conduct experiments, observe fascinating results and discover the properties of household products. They will also use their senses and analytical skills to identify our mystery liquids!

Messy! (1:00pm-4:00pm) ages 7-12
They're chemistry experiments but they're also works of art that you can take home! We'll get messy as we learn about fluid movement, secretive ink, hidden rainbows, color mixing, and more.

Monday, December 30th
Castles and Catapults (9:00am-12:00pm) ages 6-12
Design and build a catapult- then prepare for battle! Build a castle that can hold its own against the onslaught of an attack. Who will reign supreme when the dust has settled?

Crime Science (1:00pm-4:00pm) ages 8-13
Using various scientific techniques, we will detect and identify fingerprints! Then we will use what we've learned to compare evidence and analyze different suspects.

Tuesday, December 31st
Make-A-Bot (9:00am-12:00pm) ages 9-13
For the first time ever, we are offering a camp based on robots! We'll make little wobbly electronic friends that won't just move- they'll be able to create art!

Puppet Show (1:00pm-4:00pm) ages 9-13
With simple linkages, pivots, rods, and levers, we'll make unique movable puppets! By applying very simple mechanical concepts to this creative project, our characters will have the opportunity to put on a little shadow puppet show for interested onlookers!

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